From your first meeting with a potential client, you are gathering information. Informal conversa­tions can help you learn more about their household, who will use the bathroom, and their goals and dreams for a new bathroom. However, you will soon want a more structured needs-assess – ment interview and information-gathering session with your client.

Prepare for the Interview

You may want to interview your client in your office or showroom. Alternatively, you may set an appointment and go to your client’s home, which provides the opportunity to observe it firsthand. Even if your client is building a new home, a visit to their existing home can help you better understand what your client wants. Your client may feel more comfortable talking in their home, and their existing bathroom(s) may give them clues about things to tell you. Finally, you may also be able to collect initial measurements (important for a remodel) during the same ap­pointment.

Recording the interview on audio tape gives you an accurate record of information and avoids the need to take notes while talking to the client. However, after the interview, it can be time-consum­ing to transcribe information from the recording. Be sure to ask permission before recording the interview.

Updated: September 29, 2015 — 2:00 am