Storage for household linens is often integrated into, or near, a bathroom. This can be as basic as storage for extra towels in the bathroom, or may include full storage for all household linens near the bathroom or bedroom area.

When designing a linen closet or storage area, start with an inventory of items to be stored. Will the closet be used for bath linens only? Will bedding be included (Figure 9.11)? What about kitchen linens? Will additional space be needed for nonlinen items such as soaps, grooming prod­ucts, toilet paper, or cleaning products?

Use Form 14: Linen Closet Storage Inventory to gather information about items stored in the linen closet. As with the other checklists, Form 14 can be given to your client to complete, or you can use it at an interview. You may want to compare the information in Form 14 against Form 4: Bathroom Storage Inventory, discussed in Chapter 5, "Assessing Needs," to see that there is no duplication.

As you plan the linen closet, review the storage principles presented in this chapter. Think about how your client will organize and group the items to be stored. The ones used most frequently should be easiest to see and reach. Heavy or bulky items may be stored on lower shelves for con­venience.


FIGURE 9.11 Both bath and bedroom items

Just as with the clothes closet, take advantage of storage accessories such as pullout shelves and maY need to be Located in a Linen cLoset-

bins, drawers, and turntables. Perhaps your client will want to roll some items for storage, such as Courtesy of Easy Track

towels. Some household linens, such as table cloths or placemats, may be stored on hangers to minimize wrinkling.

Think about whether the linen storage is for short or long term. Some items like extra towels and bedding may only be used occasionally, such as for holiday guests. Enclosed, dust-proof, moisture – proof storage may be desirable. Other items such as everyday towels may be accessed regularly, and well-ventilated, easy-access storage may be the priority.

Form 14: Linen Closet Storage Inventory

Use this form to inventory how many items will be stored in the linen closet, and how much space will be needed.

The example shows an inventory where there are 18 wash cloths, which can be divided into stacks with a maximum of 6 per stack, for a total of 3 stacks. each stack is 6 inches by 6 inches and 5 inches (152 mm by 152 mm by 127 mm) high. This information can then be used in planning the layout of the linen closet.



Number of Items

Items per Stack

Number of Stacks

Dimensions in Inches, per Stack





Wash Cloths







Bathroom Linens:

Bath mats

Towels, face or wash cloths

Towels, hand

Towels, bath

Towels, bath sheets

Towels, guest


Bed spreads





Sheets, twin

Sheets, double

Sheets, gueen

Sheets, king

Kitchen Linens:


Dish cloths

Dish towels

Hand towels

Hot mats


Place mats

Table cloths

Table runners

Additional items to store in linen closet:

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