Подпись: FIGURE 9.19 This large master spa bathroom includes an elegant soaking tub. Courtesy of Aquatic

Often home spas are part of the master bathroom (Figure 9.1 9). It may already have a separate tub and shower, and upgrading or expanding the fixtures could create a spa space in the regularly used bathroom. Separating the spa area from the regularly used bath can create a space focused on the relaxing experience, not the day-to-day hassles of the morning rush to work.

Подпись: FIGURE 9.20 This 60-inch (1 524 mm) whirlpool tub will fit in many smaller bathrooms. Courtesy of Kohler Company

Whirlpool baths are increasingly being requested for guest and secondary baths, and smaller fix­tures (Figure 9.20) can be fitted into tradeout installations. This allows all family members and guests to have a pampering bath.

A separate family spa close to the pool or outdoor hot tub might also be desirable in some homes. This location implies a social experience. Of course, a bathroom will be needed nearby for showers and dressing.

An outdoor component can add to the more traditional spa experience. An appropriate calming and beautiful view (Figure 9.21), or a privacy garden, can be important to meditation and relaxa­tion. Sliding doors and windows can bring in fresh air and breezes. In addition, some spa activities can be conducted outside when the weather is appropriate.

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