Mechanical Cooling

If natural cooling methods cannot give the comfort levels desired, then mechanical means are necessary. The most basic of mechanical devices is the fan. Although portable and window fans are available, they are not attractive and take up space in a room that may already be short on space. A ceiling fan may be a better option if the ceiling is high enough to accommodate one. Ceiling hugger fans are available for standard height ceilings, but taller clients may have an issue with whirling blades just a short distance above their heads. More information about fans is in­cluded in the section about ventilation.

Other mechanical cooling methods include refrigerated cooling and evaporative cooling. When incorporating either type, be aware of how the vent placement may affect the installation of
fixtures, cabinetry, and other components. Also evaluate how the vent location will affect the oc­cupants. Cool air blowing directly onto people will not be very comfortable.

Updated: October 5, 2015 — 5:39 am