Natural or Daylighting

Daylighting is natural light from windows, doors and skylights that adds a warm, inviting quality to a room, as well as giving the room a feeling of openness. The following are tips for planning daylighting:

• Determine when the bathroom is used most. Emphasizing natural light when the bathroom is only used at night or in the early morning may not lead to logical or cost-effective planning.

Подпись: FIGURE 7.11 Large windows provide an abundance of natural light. Design by NKBA member: Peter Ross Salerno, CMKBD
Too much natural light can also lead to glare. If the window area faces a sunny direction, incor­porate window treatments that can help control the bright sunlight during certain times of the day. The bright sun could cause glare on mirrors if not properly placed.

Подпись: FIGURE 7.12 Skylights can add quality daylight to a bathroom space. Design by Candice Olson. Photography by Brandon Barre. Copyright © Fusion Television Sales Inc.

Large windows and glass doors to the outside can provide adequate daytime lighting needs (see Figure 7.11), plus visually open the room to the outdoors.

• Windows and glass doors below 18 inches (457 mm) will need to be made of tempered glazing. Windows that surround a bathtub or shower should also be made of tempered glazing. See information in Bathroom Planning Guideline 15, discussed in chapter 6, "Bathroom Planning."

• Skylights (see Figure 7.12) can add natural light without sacrificing wall space, but be sure to select high-quality skylights and have them installed properly. Skylights provide about five times as much light as a comparably sized wall window.

• Select windows or skylights that have a high insulating value to keep the bathroom more comfortable year-round. Also study air leakage rates, and select windows or skylights that are rated as having low air leakage. More information on window ratings and selecting energy – efficient windows can be found in chapter 2, "Infrastructure Considerations," and chapter 3, "Environmental and Sustainability Considerations."

Privacy is another consideration when incorporating a large amount of glass in a bathroom. Privacy measures on the exterior of the windows, or adequate window treatments, are necessary to pro­tect the privacy of the bathroom users. Some decorative fixed windows may look attractive but can also allow a view into the bathroom if not placed high on the wall. Covering decorative win­dows placed in the walking path of the room takes away from their aesthetic appeal. Glass block is a popular way to incorporate light without a need to be concerned about privacy.

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