The Four-Stage Interior Design Project

The discussion in this chapter is focused on the design process, from idea to product. We have emphasized the completed design. However, the design proc­ess can also include project management, including construction supervision and installation coordination.

A four-stage approach to the design process is commonly used by interior de­signers, who may also be bathroom designers. The four-stage interior design project includes both the development of the design and management of the project, and is similar in many ways to the discussion of the design process and design programming presented in this chapter. However, review of the four-stage interior design project is another way to examine and expand our understanding of the design process.


• Program design and analysis: The first designer-client meeting establishes the relationship and allows the designer to prepare a detailed design analysis of the project.

• Proposal: The proposal details the stages of the project, services, and prod­ucts to be provided and fee structure.

stage two

• Survey and analysis: Stage two begins with a comprehensive survey and measurement of the space.

• Creativity and concept: A creative concept is developed, then analyzed, de­tailed, and evaluated.

• Space planning and design: rough sketches of the design are explored until a drafted presentation and other visual material is prepared.

• Client presentation: A professional presentation is made to the client, sup­ported by various visual materials of the proposed design.

• Client approval: The client provides written approval of the proposed design.


• Contract documents: Working drawings and all contract documents are prepared, including:

• Specifications for all interior elements

• Bids

• Cost estimates

• Contracts

• Permits: Designer obtains all necessary approvals for codes and regulations.


• Project management: The designer may manage the project, or may coordinate with a project manager, to implement the design project. responsibilities include:



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