Toilet Compartment

Placing a toilet in a separate compartment can be accommodated by following the previously recommended clearances. A 36 inch by 66 inch (914 mm by 1676 mm) space measured from the inside walls will accommodate the recommended clearances. A 30 inch by 60 inch (762 mm by 1524 mm) space will comply with the IRC building code (see Figure 6.56).

In both applications, the door to the compartment should open out toward the adjacent room; otherwise the door swing will interfere with the clearance in front of the toilet. This size compart­ment is not recommended, because it limits options in transferring to a toilet, particularly for people using mobility aids. If one is used, it should be at least 60 inches by 59 inches (1524 mm by 1499 mm) (Bathroom Access Standard 21) (see Figure 6.57). An exception to this is the toilet area planned for a client with limited balance or stamina, as this client could benefit from a space with support within reach on both walls of the approach to the toilet.

Toilet Paper Placement

It is important that the toilet paper dispenser be convenient to the user. The best location is on a wall or partition to the side, and slightly to the front, of the toilet. This allows the user to reach the paper while seated. Locations behind the toilet or across from the toilet will be difficult to reach without bending or stretching. Bathroom Planning Guideline 23 recommends locating the toilet paper holder 8 inches (203 mm) to 12 inches (305 mm) in front of the toilet, centered 26 inches (660 mm) off the floor (Figure 6.58).

Подпись: FIGURE 6.60 This toilet includes a washing system and uses sensors to control the toileting and cleansing actions. Courtesy of TOTO
Toilet Compartment


Bathroom Planning Guideline 22 also recommends locating storage close to, and accessible from, the toilet. Consider where extra toilet paper, feminine hygiene supplies, and medications are stored. Cabinets close by, and within reach of the person seated on the toilet, would assist them in performing whatever task needs to be completed in the toilet area.

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