What Type of Home?

Most bathroom designers work on projects in single-family homes—but not always. Especially in urban areas, a designer may work on a home that is an apartment, townhouse, or other type of multifamily structure. There may be some unique concerns in this type of home. For example, in many multifamily housing communities, plans for remodeling must be approved by a group such as the homeowners’ association. You may be limited in making changes affecting the home’s ex­terior. Likewise, plumbing changes may be limited. Carefully consider any possible factors that could occur in a multifamily project.

Sometimes, single-family housing may be in a community with a homeowners’ association with rules affecting renovations. In addition, sometimes there may be covenants in a property’s deed that could affect a bathroom remodeling project, such as the size of an addition or the style and placement of windows.

While you are considering these special and legal situations that can affect your design for the bathroom, be sure to consider the impact of the building permit process. You, as the designer, are responsible for knowing the building codes that impact your bathroom project. Further, you need to work with the contractor/builder to see that all building permits are obtained and inspections completed. This process will be easier and more successful if you include all building codes and permits as part of your needs assessment and design planning.

Updated: September 29, 2015 — 6:14 am