Learning process

The learning process consists of the design for curriculum, instruction and assessment. As learning is viewed as a continuous process, learning inside the school and in the community are valued and closely coordinated. The learning process for the school at Grafarholti includes the following:

• Integrate the subjects.

• Use individual, small group and large group learning.

• Include learning in multiple settings: outdoors, elderly care centre, homes and Internet.

• Integrate learners of different ages.

• Involve students in managing their learning, teaching them to take responsibility to plan, organize and maintain their environment.

• Involve teachers working together and being trained in new teaching methods.

• Address the real needs of the community, producing useful products and services.

The signature and the learning process set the spatial concept: light as the spiritual essence of the design; the forum as the major organizing space; the interior being visually connected to the exterior; vertical level changes being limited to ‘split levels’; and the roofing includes grass.

Updated: September 28, 2015 — 11:44 am