The main reasons for using a large screen system inside a control room include ergo­nomic aspects to provide a better work environment for the control room operators by the use of equipment to enable people to be more comfortable and have a better overview of all applications and processes. The display of data and information in a large format means that there can be a reduction of reaction times (for example, in teamwork where all members can see the same information on screen). For the organisation, there are likely to be issues of savings in operating costs, and the per­ceived need to increase employee efficiency and productivity through sharing infor­mation and collaborative work. Included in the latter is the possibility for multiple displays, giving the operators access to increased levels of surveillance and monitor­ing. Combining additional functions and multiple functions could lead to intelligent displays as data and information are combined for greater utility. Operators could benefit from receiving a high quantity of data and information from different sources that they could then combine and use to improve their decision making.

Updated: September 26, 2015 — 4:11 pm