Will there be hand washing?

If so, extra space will be needed in the toilet unit to accommodate a handbasin. When there is more than one toilet per side in each unit a lobby space can be used for hand washing. Only one or two handbasins should be needed, even in larger blocks. Together with towel dispensers or electric dryers and mirrors, a space is therefore needed to accommodate two or three people at a time.

Will the toilet block be open all year round?

There are implications for maintenance, heating and frost protection if a toilet with a flushing system is to be kept open during the winter months. Problems of frozen plumbing can be solved by arranging all the pipework or cisterns within a compartment that is insulated and possibly heated (at a low level to maintain temperatures just above freezing). Only the pans and handles for flushing are situated in the unheated, ventilated area. The pans can be protected from frost damage by the use of stainless steel or heavy-duty porcelain. This arrangement also has the advantage that all the vulnerable fittings are locked away, and the service room can be used to store refills and cleaning equipment and to house meters for water and electricity.

Updated: October 2, 2015 — 9:21 am