Method The Reason for Choosing This Area for the Study

This study is based on the GEF-II Ecotourism Project that is being applied in Camili Biosphere Reserve Area in the Borcka district of Artvin Province, which is adjacent to Georgia.

The main reasons for choosing this area for the study are the ecotourism activity in the area and its cultural and ecological richnesses. It was declared as the first Biosphere Reserve Area of Turkey on June 29th, 2005, to the “Human and Biosphere Network” of UNESCO. It is a protected area that is home to natural aged forests. Preparation for Study Surveys and the Application Technique

We tried to show the contributions made by ecotourism activity for the villagers in the study area in socioeconomic, cultural, technological, and environmental terms by comparing pre – and post-ecotourism activities. Survey questions were prepared by taking this purpose into consideration. To ensure correct and reliable answers, questions were chosen as related to the subjects relevant for people who were a part of ecotourism activities. Determination of the Number of Interviewees on Whom the Survey Would Be Applied

Persons were identified with the complete inventory method. Then, with direction from these people, 10 participants from Maral village, 14 participants from Ugur village, 11 participants from Dtizenli village, 11 participants from Camili village, 12 participants from Efeler village, and 3 participants from Kayalar village were identified. Statistical Evaluations

To realize the purpose of the study, in the analysis stage of the data obtained with the survey, percentage, chi-square, matched t test, and Wilcoxon analysis were used.

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