Results and Discussion

In this study conducted in the Camili Biosphere Reservation Area of Artvin Province, suggestions were developed to explain the relationship of sustainable forestry management with protected areas, and that ecotourism activities should be evaluated as a tool for the resolution of the conflicts that appear in the sustainability stage of protected area management and the importance of public relations activity for development of forest countrymen.

In the questionnaires provided to the villagers who were chosen based on the complete inventory method, these variables were measured: pre – and post­ecotourism periods; the impact of ecotourism on societal values, the changes it initiated in communication, and its effect on environmental values.

15.3.1 Impact on Societal Values Residence of Households

Before ecotourism activities, 59 % of households in the area resided permanently and 41 % resided temporarily; after ecotourism activities, 65.6 % of households in the area were permanent residents permanently and 34.4 % were temporary resi­dents. It can be stated that, depending on ecotourism activities, permanent residence in villages increased and temporary residence in villages decreased.

Updated: October 14, 2015 — 6:19 am