The Conclusion of the City Planning Council

The City Planning Council was not able to make final decision until the fourth meeting on August 6, 2007. It took more than 1 year before they reached their conclusion. During that time, the Ward inquired of experts, presented much detailed


The Conclusion of the City Planning Council

information, and made efforts to improve the final proposal. Some of the related committees and councils of the Ward suggested the mayor consider the preserva­tion of the park. The City Planning Council invited experts of landscape architec­ture, cultural landscapes and preservation of the cultural property fields as temporary council members. The meetings proceeded in a tense atmosphere full of public observers.

At the end, the City Planning Council concluded not to endorse the final proposal unanimously (Tonuma 2007). This was a rare case for a municipal City Planning Council to return a negative report to the mayor’s inquiry. As a result, the final proposal was withdrawn. Aforementioned are the circumstances and chronological sequences about who and how Motomachi Park was saved.

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