The list of creditors noted in the inventory taken after his death gives the names of the bronziers and ebe – nistes who were working for Oeben at the time; for ex­ample. the chaser Hervieux was owed the enormous

sum of 7.721 livres which indicates the importance of his work for Oel>en. Another chaser. Duplessis. was owed 1.112 livres. and Forestier 4.179 livres. The names of the casters Clratelier and Guinand are noted (2.282L) as well as those of the gilders Jubbert and Delaporte (2.428L). The names of the sculpteurs Martin. Deaubo and Sautray were recorded. They were doubtless the makers of various models for gilt – bronze mounts. Several ebenistes’ names are noted for small sums, proof that Oeben must have sub­contracted some of his commissions to them. In order of significance these were: Widow Lacroix (1.832L), noted separately from I^acroix (664L); Landrin (677L); Carlin (393 and 70L); Canabas (382L): Simon Ixdoux (252L); Jean-Charles Saunier the Elder (242L); Criard the Elder (141L): Simon Oeben (113L); Pioniez (101L): Porquet (83L); Boichot (25L), and Mongenot (87L). The presence of the Lacroix on this list is to be expected as Oeben’s work and that of his brother-in-law R. V. L. C. are so similar. The men­tion of C-arlin and Saunier is more surprising. Canabas must have supplied him with functional furniture in solid mahogany such as serving-tables and so on. a speciality of his.

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