Furniture epicenters

Epicenters of furniture design abound throughout the world. An epicenter is a place with a historical legacy regarding the design, production, research, distribution, or dissemination of furniture design. Epicenters are places where designers and industries have contributed to national and regional economies. In turn, these areas provide support and marketing venues to sustain greater economic success.

The Italian Trade Commission established FORMA, whose purpose is to promote Italian furniture design throughout the world. The Danish Design Center was created in the 1960s to promote Danish companies’ use of design and the success of Danish furniture designers worldwide. Often, regional economies help to support industrial epicenters, with nearby academic institutions that attract students and faculty into the profession.


Paris, France, was an epicenter for furniture design and fabrication from the late 1500s through the late 1800s (Figure 9.23). (See Chapter 10 for more background and informa­tion about Paris.)

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