Hospitality Furniture: Restaurants, Lobbies, and Reception Areas

Подпись: Figure 2.31 Adjustable lift-seat for use on tatami mats. Image courtesy of Jim Postell, 2012.
Hospitality Furniture: Restaurants, Lobbies, and Reception Areas

Hospitality furniture is designed and fabricated for public and social interchange and includes lounge seating, restaurant chairs and tables, lobby seating, and reception desks. Hospitality furniture accommodates a broad range of users and uses. Consequently, acces­sibility, durability, and flexibility are important criteria to consider in design.

Подпись: Figure 2.32 Social-centered lobby space. Copyright © William A. Yokel, 2005. Restaurant Dining Tables and Chairs

Restaurant furnishings are components of hospitality furni­ture. Despite specific characteristics and features of the tables and chairs used in restaurants and lobbies, overall dimensions are often based on industry standards:5

■ The standard height of dining tables is 29 inches (73.6 cm).

■ The standard table-width dimension for restaurant dining per individual adult is 24 inches (62 cm).

■ The standard seat pan height of mass-produced dining chairs for Western markets is 17 inches (42.2 cm).

Small dining tables occasionally may need to accommo­date larger gatherings. With all tables at standard sizes, they can be rearranged as needed to form space for larger groups.

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