"If you walk into a room thot has a beautiful piece of furniture – you could say the same of a stunning work of art, even a superb rug, anything – there is definitely something that emanates from that which contributes to the atmosphere in the home."

Tony Portus

Seven years working in management for one of the early life-style retailers convinced Tony Portus that furniture couid be better designed and made than that being imported. Thus motivated, he went to Parnham College, later setting up his own workshop in the early eighties. He feels that furniture should be more than an object, it should be a presence in the room. His objective is to instil a sense of peace and calm, ‘Elevata’

Shelving in maple and cast aluminium. Elliptical shelves that can be positioned at any height, sliding on a single wall post.

Cato1800 x 750 x 450mm/71 x30x 18 in.

Directors desk

Ripple sycamore and patinated bronze. Detail (inset) shows top.

1700 x 700 x 800mm / 67 x 27.5 x 31 5 in.


A low table in sycamore. Its concealed metal bracing allows the top and legs to meet at a fine edge.

1100 x 700 x 360mm 43 x 27.5 x 14 in.


Wall furniture in quilted maple. These cabinets, which are pierced by a single narrow shelf, provide drawers, shelves, cupboards and roll top drinks cabinet.

2100 x 3000 x 700mm 83 x 118 x 28 in.

Fan Screen or room divider Walnut with removeabie silk panels.

Cato1700 x 3000 x 400mm 67 x 118 x 16 in.


’Beam’ cabinet

Five double-fronted drawers, mitred into the cabinet to give a seamless ‘beam’. English oak. 2500 x 700 x 400mm / 98 x 28 x 16 fn

CatoConsole table

The legs, elliptical in section, scorched and waxed, support a polished oak top English oak. 900 x 1100 x 400mm / 35 x 43 x 16 in

CatoBedroom cabinet

One of three matching cabinets internally fitted with drawers, shelving and hanging rail Veneered in yew with a sycamore interior.

2350 x 760 x 440mm 93 x 30 x 17 in.

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