Nicholas Dyson

‘We will design and make something for our clients which is more than they could have imagined before they came to the door."

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas Dyson only occasionally works at the bench these days, preferring the rapid pace of designing for his busy workshop where his ideas can advance more quickly. It was several years ago that he made the deliberate decision to build up the corporate side of his business, targeting interior designers and architects who were able to draw on the greater resources of large organisations to furnish their boardrooms and offices. However, he still welcomes private clients and enjoys the particular satisfaction that comes with these commissions.

Tub chair

Nicholas DysonWalnut and maple.

Nicholas Dyson
Подпись: Bucket seat Maple frame, upholstered seat and a moulded ply back faced with wenge.

‘Shrimp’ low tables Beech legs with coloured lacquer tops.

500mm / 20 in. diameter

‘Oyster’ low table Beech legs with coloured lacquer top with glass insert and under shelf,

Nicholas Dyson1500mm / 59 in. diameter

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas Dyson

A simple construction sets off striking geometric forms accentuated by contrasting materials. Pear, walnut, maple and nickel-plated steel.

2200 x 1100 x 730mm / 87 x 43 x 29 in.

Three-sided conference table and chairs

Nicholas DysonTable in walnut and grey dyed veneers. The detail right, shows side and armchairs in walnut, ripple ash and horsehair fabric upholstery. Table: 2400 x 2080mm / 94 x 82 in.

Boardroom table

and detail of table support.

To seat twenty. Reconfigures into two separate tables.

Pear, walnut and burr walnut. Assembled dimensions.

Nicholas Dyson9000 x 2000mm / 29ft 6 in. x 6ft 6 in.

Nicholas Dyson

Console fable ‘Ivory’ fable and chairs

Maple, burr maple, ripple Ash

sycamore and black steel. l800 x 1200 x 720mm / 71 x 47 x 28 in.

1800 x 600mm /71 x 24 in.

Nicholas Dyson

Подпись: Sean Feeney
Nicholas DysonFolding screen

Cocobolo, ash and mother of pearl. 2000 x 1800mm / 79 x 41 in.

Nicholas DysonNicholas DysonПодпись:Sean Feeney pursued woodwork and design skills through school in Sussex and further education at Rycotewood College, followed by three years of further study in a design consultancy and furniture makers in Warwickshire before setting up his own workshop in 1979. Now well established, Sean’s output is small, ten to twelve pieces of furniture a year. He exhibits rarely, does not advertise and works with one assistant in an old school house tucked away in the Warwickshire countryside. Relying confidently on word-of-mouth for all of his clients he complains only of there not being enough hours in the day to achieve all his ambitions.

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas DysonLow table

Burr elm and Cameroon ebony.

460 x 1200 x 600mm /18 x 47 x 24 in.

Pier table

Burr elm with sycamore and ebony stringing.

1000 x 800 x 460mm / 39 x 31 x 18 in.

Pair of low tables Macassar ebony and sycamore with cherry inlay.

600 x 600 x 460mm / 24 x 24 x 18 in.

Подпись: Dining table Burr elm and oak with sycamore and ebony inlay. 2133 x 915mm / 84 x 36 in Nicholas Dyson‘Strad’ compact disc cabinet The faux table with hinged single door encloses a compartmentalised interior.

Sycamore and rosewood,

800 x 460 x 200mm /31 x 18 x 8 in

Breakfront sideboard

Ripple sycamore and burr elm, with oak lined drawers.

Nicholas Dyson
Подпись: Delta' desk Burr elm and wych elm. 2000 x 1000 x 770mm / 79 x 39 x 30 in.

Nicholas Dyson1100 x 460 x 900mm / 43 x 18 x 35 in

Nicholas Dyson


7 need pieces of wood around. They create the ideas – combinations of forms, shadows and textures – the sources are many. I can walk into an engineering workshop and find inspiration for a little ball handle from a high pressure nozzle, and that to me is exciting – not sitting down with a piece of paper and trying to take a new look at something that has already been done."

Подпись: Paul Gower

Подпись:Nicholas DysonPaul Gower

Nicholas Dyson
‘Square Peg’ table (above) Bleached English oak.

730 x 1750 x 550mm / 29 x 69 x 22 in.

Nicholas Dyson

David Gregson was a portrait painter, and having made a few pieces of furniture for his home, decided this had to be a more satisfying way of making a living,

This fanciful idea was fuelled by a visit to an exhibition of contemporary furniture.

Подпись: David Gregson

Подпись:He had no prior knowledge of furniture, tailor-made for a client to fulfil a particular set of parameters, nor any concept of the very high standard of work on offer. David was hooked and has striven ever since to achieve and ultimately surpass the level of design and craftsmanship that was displayed.

Nicholas Dyson

Table [above]

Bleached and limed elm with copper inlay 1220mm / 48 in. diameter.



1530 x 600mm / 60 x 24 in

Blanket chest with tray

Nicholas DysonBleached and limed elm, cedar of Lebanon, wenge and copper.

480 X 1070 x 610mm/ 19 x 42 X 24 in


Bleached and limed elm, wenge and copper.

1980 x 1140 x 640mm / 78 x 45 x 25 in,

Tower of drawers

Bleached and limed elm, wenge and copper.

1220 x 600 x 550mm / 48 x 24 x 22 in.

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas Dyson

Sideboard and mirror


750 x 1350 x 450mm 30 x 53 x 18 in.


Portable lectern

Made for Norwich Cathedral in cherry. 1365 x 850 x 575mm 54 x 33 x 23 in

Desk and chair Maple, brown oak, apple wood and ebony.

Nicholas Dyson760 x 1500 x 730mm 30 x 59 x 29 in.

Nicholas Dyson

Nicholas DysonFoyer seating (Left)

Designed and made for the University of East Anglia.

Bleached and limed elm, carved ash and stainless steel.

460 x 1220mm /18 x 48 in. diameter, and 460 x 2060 x 400mm / 18 x 81 x 16 in Single bench below: 460 x 3960 x 400mm / 18 x 156 x 16 in.

Garden bench in oak (below)

990 x 1850 x 580mm / 39 x 73 x 23 in.

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