Nicholas Pryke

Nicholas Pryke comes from a background of structural engineering and architecture and this is strongly reflected in his work and his confident use of materials other than wood – stainless steel, glass, copper etc., and in the architectural roots of his designs. He spends the majority of his time at the drawing board, working closely with a network of top class craftsmen.

Nicholas Pryke

Corner cabinet

Vavona, etched glass and stainless steel. 950 x 500 x 500mm / 37.5 x 20 x 20 in


Nicholas Pryke

Oval drawer pedestal

Burr ash, anodised aluminium and lignum

vitae. 730 x 700 x 550mm / 29 x 27.5 x 21.5 in.


Nicholas Pryke

Compact disc racks

American cherty, hand etched glass, sandblasted slumped glass bowl and stainless steel.

1000 x 350mm diameter / 39 x 14 in.


Coffee table

Layers of hand etched glass become increasingly opaque with lower light levels. Laminated oak, glass and stainless steel.

Подпись: Dining table The legs have been designed to appear slightly anthropomorphic. Aluminium, steel and ash. 740 x 1750 x 1100mm / 29 x 69 x 43 in.
Nicholas Pryke

Nicholas Pryke400 x 1200mm diameter /16 x 47 in.

Nicholas Pryke

Nicholas Pryke

After six years of fine art training at the Ruskin School, Oxford and the Royal Academy, David Savage has spent many years in various fields of design and has been creating furniture since 1978. His inspiration is derived from organic forms, mainly plants and humans, and his designs evolve from a close rapport with the client. He is unable to work in a vacuum and this relationship, he considers, is essential to produce his best work.

"I am inspired by a clients confidence and trust A piece is designed for that client you can see them sitting on it see them using it – that is what matters, their future enjoyment of it"

David Savage

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