Rupert Williamson

Despite having a natural ability in the craft of furniture making, Rupert Williamson began his career using any other material except timber, rejecting wood because of its association with the brown colour of old furniture. Yet the inherent quality of wood to be manipulated appealed to him. Now he likes to use contrasting timbers such as maple and walnut which retain their colours and contrast strongly, emphasising form and structure. Spending less and less time at the bench, Rupert enjoys the challenge of designing furniture which reflects not only the client’s interest and the brief, but combines, in a more abstract form, the geometry of man­made objects with the organic asymmetry of nature.

Rupert Williamson

Rupert Williamson

Dining table and six chairs

Sycamore and walnut with a bronze structure.

Table: 1500mm diameter / 60 in.

Rupert Williamson

Desk chair (left) Sycamore. 880mm high / 35 in.

Side table

Rosewood, inlaid with boxwood. 800 x 500 x 500mm 31 x20x 20 in.

Подпись: Sofa table (far right) Black burr walnut and burr ash. 900 X 1700 X 400mm 35 x 67 x 16 in. Rupert WilliamsonRupert Williamson180 Rupert Williamson

Side table Storm damaged Osage orange wood from Royal Botanical Gardens. 900 x 1800 x 400mm 35 x 71 x 16 in.

Dining table and ten chairs

Sycamore and walnut. 1200 x 1500mm / 87 x 59 In.

Rupert Williamson

Rupert WilliamsonRupert Williamson

Rupert WilliamsonAnniversary table

Laminated maple with stained legs piercing the top.

6000 x 1200mm /19 ft 8 in, x 4 ft.

Rupert WilliamsonRupert Williamson

Dining table

Maple with stained brackets.

1200 x 1200mm / 47 x 47 in.

Room light and paper bin

Sycamore and rosewood. 2800mm tall /110 in.

182 Rupert Williamson

Rupert WilliamsonRupert Williamson
‘Rock’ chest with twelve drawers

Variety of ten woods. 900 x 1800 x 600mm 35 x 71 x 24 in.

‘Rock1 cupboard

Variety of woods. 600 x 800 x 600mm 24×31.5×24 in.


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