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Rod and Alison Wales had been designing and making individual pieces of furniture for private clients for e ght years when circumstances forced them to review all aspects of their business and redefine the focus of their interests. The resulting shift in direction towards corporate and architectural furniture has developed into a specialisation in atrium, museum and other public seating. They take particular satisfaction in the wider audience they are reaching and the effect on the public environment.

"There are issues to be addressed in designing and making furniture and we are doing our best to meet these demands. It makes for an interesting life’s work."

Wales & WalesRod Wales

Wales & Wales

(Left] Cabinet with nine drawers Natural and fumed oak with painted and gilded details, First of the ‘Stripe’ series,

Подпись: (Above) ‘Stripe’ cabinets The second and third of the 'Stripe' series. Natural and ebonised oak. 1440 x 520 x 365mm / 57 x 20 x 14 in. 1680 x 420 x 320mm / 66 x 16,5 x 13 in.

‘DB’ bench (and detail)

Wales & WalesOak and aluminium, 4000mm /13 ft.

Wales & WalesWales & Wales



Подпись: ‘Butterfly’ chair Beech. (Designed by Wales & Wales, manufactured by Englender Furniture Ltd.) To seat eighteen. Oak with bog oak detail. 4360mm diameter 14ft 4 in.


Afrormosia and cast metal. Part of a range of street furniture.


Shelf with two drawers Sycamore, fumed oak, stainless steel and silver gilt detail. 1450mm / 57 in.


Wales & WalesWales & WalesWales & Wales

Cabinet with eight drawers

English oak, bog oak, 18 ct gold inlay. Height 1880mm / 74 in. Detail (right)


Wales & Wales

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