‘We hove never tried to blow peop e’s socks off with the first look at something, if is much more persuasive than that. A lot of customers have said this to us, that although they liked the piece when we first delivered it they liked it even more a year later, and that is the best thing that they could have said – it is whot we are aiming for."

Barnaby Scott

Barnaby Scott and Clive Brooks head up the Waywood team whose furniture is made from solid home-grown wood and hand finished with natural oils and waxes. They employ a gentle philosophy to their work and demonstrate their concern for the environment by frequently planting new trees in the local landscape.

Chest of drawers

Dutch elm with carved beech

drawer fronts.

Waywood910x 51 Ox 160mm / 36 x 20 x 63 in

Подпись: Sideboard Ash and olive ash with black walnut detail. 840 x 1830 x 480mm 33 x 72 x 19 in. WaywoodSideboard with raised panels

Wych elm with quilted English elm panels and bog oak handles. 790 x 1680 x 510mm 31 x 66 x 20 in.


WaywoodChairs with laminated backs

English and brown oak.

Reception area coffee table

English oak.

2800mm diameter /110 in.


Pair of bookcases

Tiger chestnut and sycamore.

1220 x 1980 x 410mm / 48 x 78 x 16 in

Подпись: шлWaywoodRound dining table and chairs

Olive ash, brown oak and ash.

2080mm dia. / 82 in.

Elliptical dining table

Olive ash.



Sculptured chest

English oak and burr elm.

560 x 1120 x 460mm 22 x 44 x 18 in.


King-size bed

Ripple redwood





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