Design Boutique Hotel Sun House


The materials are quite agreeable and a lot of natural wood was used too. The colours used on the walls are mostly in warm brown tones. In opposition to the usual practice in the hotel rooms, this time the bathrooms and toilets are designed as a part of the entire space and marked off only with translucent or semi­translucent glass walls. An essential part of the suites’ integrated image is graphic design, presented either as graphic pieces



1. The green painting on the wall is a key element in the room, bringing vigour and liveliness to the space

2. The staircase links the living room on the ground floor and the bedroom on the first floor

3. View of the living room from the bathroom with transparent glass walls

4. The simple and clear guestroom

5. The spacious room with an illusionary decoration on the bedside

6. Wood continues from the floor to the wall

7. The glass-wall bathroom with glowing mosaic tiles


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The hotel is located in the well-known capital of art – Florence. Correspondingly, the design of the hotel is full of an artistic air. The designers aim to create a hotel that is extremely artistic and dreamy, to continue visitors’ experiences in the city.


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Epic Hotel contradicts the common depiction of the bright white and pastel-coloured Miami and presents a sophisticated, cultivated version of the city for the international traveller. Warmth, graceful simplicity and understated elegance are brought forth through the adept use of texture and light throughout the space. A neutral palette, natural textures and clean lines create a relaxed urban resort for an international, well – travelled crowd.

The Presidential Suite Parlor contains contemporary furniture in warm woods and cream lacquer. Lighting elements include a slivered coconut shell dining pendant and a sculptural pleated silk console lamp.


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1. The comfortable guestroom

2. The surrounding one hundred and eighty degree ocean views

3. Detail of the headboard

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Fortress was a challenge to C&C Studio because it was originally designed architecturally as a three-star budget hotel. They were required to turn this typical modular room into something never foreseen and to a market of users who expected something extraordinary. This situation really made them focus much more on the details than over-all layouts, as the room size, envelope and structure were fixed.

The guestrooms are redesigned to be novel and modern, with simple and brightly-coloured furniture. The different areas, for example, the bedroom area and living room area, are defined by height difference. On the circular carpet, the curved sofa and the armchairs are set around the coffee table, creating a warm and intimate ambience.



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1. The living room area placed on a higher stage

2. The simple yet unique double room

3. The bathroom

4. The lighting for the bed creates a warm atmosphere

5. The bathroom

6. The living room is suitable for family reunion

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