Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & BathroomLocal architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall chose a minimal design aesthetic that offers guests a sanctuary from the outside world. The care and attention lavished on its clientele are obvious in Jakarta’s unconventional policies, such as the exclusive reservation for female guests or ample meeting space for savvy business travellers.

Подпись: Alila Jakarta Jakarta, Indonesia ЕРё^ШФ ШЙР&. Guest Room & BathroomAn Asian flair is evident in the 215 rooms, decorated in a lush yet soothing palette of dark red tones. Offering a pure and abstract design experience, Alila Jakarta is an exclusive and surprisingly isolated place to replenish your energy reserves. Each of Alila Jakarta’s rooms, suites and apartments feature, parquet floors, internet access and breathtaking views over Jakarta. All rooms are designed with modern architecture, stylish simplicity and convenience.

Guest Room & Bathroom


Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & Bathroom5




Guest Room & Bathroom


1. The minimalism style feels soothing

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2. Guestroom in daytime

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3. The warm and intimate lighting


4. Guestroom at night

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5. The suite


6. The bedroom enjoys an aerial view of the city

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Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & Bathroom

Подпись: Al RonchettoGuest Room & BathroomПодпись:Guest Room & BathroomThe Hotel Ristorante Al Ronchetto is located in Salgareda in the province of Treviso, quite close to the river Piave.

The hotel has 21 bedrooms created with special attention to detail and equipped with all of the services typical of contemporary hospitality. All of the rooms, characterised by ceilings with exposed beams, are furnished with wooden furniture. The bedrooms of the old house were planned in a more traditional style, whereas in the bedrooms in the expansion the design is more contemporary. The interior decoration plan offers a reinterpretation of the themes tied to the natural and archaic world of the Veneto countryside through a refined choice of finishing materials and decorative elements.


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Guest Room & Bathroom

Guest Room & Bathroom



Guest Room & Bathroom

1. The guestroom is natural, like the air in the countryside

2. The bathroom

3. The guestroom created with natural wood

4. Подпись: 1. ИН*'Ш>а» 2. ;§S The bathroom also has a countryside natural feeling

Guest Room & Bathroom

Подпись: BALANCE holiday HOTEL Zell am See, Austria Its inviting understated modern design not only generates an atmosphere of relaxing elegance, but is sensitively implemented to promote inner balance. The holistic concept behind the BALANCE holiday HOTEL aims to create a sense of "flowing privacy", a homogenous space that always places the individual at the centre.

The 47 unusually large guestrooms are in soothing natural wood and stone. The colour of each room is different. Every time coming in to this hotel, you will have a fresh feeling. The atmosphere here is warm and happy. You can relax yourself from the busy daily life. If guests are feeling particularly invigorated and energised, the surrounding mountains, reaching an altitude of 2,743 metres, eagerly await them.

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1. The guestroom feels warm and homey

2. Panoramic view of the guestroom

3. Washroom in the guestroom

4. Washroom in the guestroom

5. Fireplace in the guestroom

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