Lecce, Italy

1. The bedside lighting and wall painting

2. The design of the room is simple yet artistic

3. The curve wall is quite playful

4. The decoration on the wall completes an artistic space

5. The curve wall is quite playful

The interior design follows "art hotel" concept and different designers have developed hotel room theme involving local furniture companies. In the rooms, Salento and design merge in a free interpretation of style; the designers propose contained dimensions that rarely, and in any case only slightly, exceed the standard minimum sizes. Freed from useless encumbrances, the rooms were planned on the basis of the real requirements of the modern traveller favouring functionality and comfort, and they are distinguished by the diversification of their furnishings. The bathrooms are proportionately more spacious and in harmony with the decor; they have more facilities and comforts than the traditional three-star hotel, such as a roomy shower or a direct telephone line; they have regular contours, a dynamic style and a captivating design, just like the thirty rooms, which are all different from each other.

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Hotels have two souls: a public one, which presents the dynamic of the arriving and departing zones and brings the idea of encounter, activity and leisure; and an intimate and protected one, designed for the night and the rest. Hotel Mod05 is the overlap of two buildings, divided without touching each other by a large stripe of glass. The compact but light volume of the rooms floats above the complex and articulated ground floor.

The guestrooms are also simple and clear. The furniture and the walls are well integrated. No decoration would interfere with the simplicity of style. The giant French windows and the scenery outside are themselves the most beautiful decoration in the rooms. In the bathrooms, the designers adopted diaphonic paper on the glass to create a different effect.

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1. The furniture is well integrated with the room

2. The French window and the scenery outside

3. The guestroom

4. Bathroom in the guestroom with blue lighting

5. The guestroom with the simplicity of style

6. Bathroom in the guestroom

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Hotel Modera is a complete renovation, transforming a neglected motor lodge – often thought of as an eyesore – into one of Portland’s sleekest places to stay. The new design restores the simple lines of the 1964 building and pays homage to the mid-century origins. The interior team worked with the architects and landscape architects to reconfigure the building and its entry sequencing.

The guestrooms – with a minimal colour palette comprised of rich browns, reds and oranges – are arranged to maximise small spaces for function and comfort. Crisp white bedding, flat screen televisions, and iPod clock radios add to the luxurious feel and provide the discerning traveller with the comforts of home.

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Taking the inspiration from the city’s rich military history and a culture of seafaring travel, the hotel’s interior is an ornately rich environment that echoes Alexandria’s history and fuses it with the adventurous forward – moving spirit of exploration abroad. The traditional wood-panelled walls are painted a vibrant "Naples Blue" – emulating the strong tonal colours of early colonial interiors. The ebony chevron-patterned wood floor offers a sharp contrast to the bold walls and completes the saturated architectural backdrop for this eclectic space.

The window treatments are Roman Shades of a sheer cream fabric with black edge banding and tassled pulls. Hand-painted Moroccan antiques scattered throughout the space emanate the splendour of faraway lands.


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Taking inspiration from the hotel’s very location – a striking glass-and-steel tower rising from the banks of a historic river, the design team created the sophisticated, inviting interiors of this four-star hotel based on contrast and balance – earth and water, modern and traditional, feminine and masculine.

The guestrooms are designed with a countryside style. The fabric sofas with delicate patterns are carefully selected, well corresponding with the patterns on the carpet. Picturesque views are available outside the window. The big red decorations in the guestrooms are quite eye-catching, bringing some vigour to the spaces. At night, the exquisite lamps would give out colourful light, creating an intimate atmosphere.

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1. Picturesque views are available

2. The decoration of the guestroom evokes a romantic holiday air

3. Living room in the suite

4. Washroom in the guestroom

5. The suite

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You can expect the unexpected at the Palomar Washington, where no detail is too minuscule. Striking lacquer finishes, exclusive materials and geometric forms are reminiscent throughout this property.

This soothing colour palette leads to the guestroom where a chic bronze-and-sable alligator pattern carpet is juxtaposed against a taupe wallcovering with threads of slightly shimmering gold horizontal lines. The superior "Kimpton" bed with imported crisp white bedding is anchored by a full-height upholstered headboard with enhanced tufted stitching. At the full-height window wall hangs a lustrous interlocking circle motif drapery. Featured bedside is the "piece de resistance": a lighted faux alabaster nightstand.

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Hotel Principe di Savoia has undergone an exciting transformation. 9 new Principe Suites have been introduced and the Imperial Suite has undergone a complete transformation. The Principe Suites are appointed with hand – painted frescoes, traditional Italian furniture as well as deep purple armchairs and floor lamps creating a warm ambience. The large sitting rooms, part of each suite, are furnished with sumptuous sofas. The stunning bathrooms are spacious, light and equipped with a Lasa marble bath in the centre of the room as well as a shower adorned with striking handmade glass mosaics.

The redesign of the Imperial Suite combines a series of contemporary and classical elements. Striking paintings featuring interpretations of contemporary masterpieces have been specially created.

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1. The luxurious Imperial Suite bedroom

2. The Imperial Suite living room, with the curtains hung from the ceiling, is just like an imperial palace

3. The Principe Suite bedroom looks like the bedroom of a princess

4. The Imperial Suite living room

5. The pattern design on the wall of the Imperial Suite bathroom is eye-catching

6. The Principe Suite bathroom



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The room’s entrance area is shaped as a funnel towards the view through the plate glass window. This includes a ramped floor of light grey rubber that finishes against the carpet in the same colour, introducing the user to the comfort of his bedroom. Like the edge of the visual cone from the entrance turning into a strip light and a fold in the ceiling, many more visual relationships reverberate through the geometry of the ceiling folds.

A long meandering sheet of stainless steel becomes the main organising element of the room: moving all along the back wall, it starts as desk, turns headrest and then seat. It "crashes" into the glass division wall and mutates into a bathtub and finally the shower.

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1. The geometrical glass installation

2. Glass and mirror bring surprises to the space, representing break and recombination

3. Detail of the geometry

4. Simple lines and surfaces produce an unexpected effect

5. The irregular geometrical shapes seem casual, but actually carefully calculated

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In a similar way the three building blocks which combine to make up the hotel building group also form the enclosure and edges to the major atrium at the heart of the hotel itself. In RAIA Jury’s words, "Hotel Realm is commended for considerable control of material and proportion throughout the public and private accommodation spaces, resulting in consistently formal expression of wall planes and openings to the surrounding areas."

The guestrooms are carefully designed, from the spacious space, the spectacular view, to the comfortable furniture. They are aimed to bring the home-like feeling to guests. Neutral colours are adopted for the decoration and the furnishings in the guestrooms. The simple lines further enhanced the visual transparency of the space. Here guests are likely to relax both their bodies and their minds and have good rests.

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1. The typical guestroom

2. The guestroom in sunset

3. The simple but comfortable guestroom

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A sober and functional building dating back to the early 1900s has been transformed into a contemporary business hotel as the result of an important operation in industrial archeology. Where cotton was once woven, now new business relationships will be woven.

Many of the hotel’s elements echo the building’ s original purpose, whether in terms of function, as already mentioned, style, atmosphere and the choice of materials for the structures and furnishings. The flood of light beams casts an enchanting play of light and shadow, and the floral wall designs with a retro sensibility, like the hinged mirror at the head of the bed, interpret Art Deco and Bauhaus styles with a contemporary flair.


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Just about a year ago, the clients decided to renovate the Rossli Hotel in Bad Ragaz. The small but elegantly designed hotel, where the hosts, Doris and Ueli Kellenberger offer 17 above-average-sized rooms and one suite, has been open since the end of April.

A comfortable, "less is more" atmosphere, with high-quality craftsmanship, was the designers’ vision for each room. Space is a luxury which the Rossli can provide! In addition to the large mirrors, focal points in the rooms are the coloured glass walls used between the bedrooms and bathrooms, the exclusive beds and the soaped Douglas firs (spruce) as a floor covering.

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1. Less is more

2. The mirror visually enlarged the space

3. A close-up view of the bedside

4. The windowsill and desk are integrated into one

5. The colour palette as well as the decoration is simple and clear

6. The washroom

4. ї’ШИйійі+#Ж



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