Hotel St Barth Isle de France

Every room is individually decorated with vintage French fabrics and sheer linens in pale natural tones which complement the indigenous colours of St Barths. This luxury ocean-front property houses 37 rooms, chosen from secluded cottages in the lush tropical gardens and beautiful beach-front suites facing the ocean with fantastic views of the bay.




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1. The suite enjoys cool breezes from the sea

2. The bed with four columns offers a retro style

3. The bathroom


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Two types of room styles were designed to attract both a camped customer as well as a retail clientele. Wood floors and hand-tufted carpets created the foundation for the purple- and-red colour schemes.

The End Suites were designed entirely with curved walls that thrust the eyes towards the amazing views of the Back Bay. Custom headboards featured fur and cowhides. The New Orleans Suites were steeped in the tradition of the French-inspired city. The urban sophistication was felt in the core base materials of the rooms’ colour palette, but was accented by the celebration of the colours of Mardi Gras. Burgundy, purple and gold were used in various double-colour schemes that offered more surprise and variation than the norm.

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1. The red partitions are the key element in the Chinese-style guestroom

2. The traditional Chinese-style guestroom is quite inviting

3. Living room in the suite

4. Burgundy, purple and gold were used in various double-colour schemes that offered more surprise and variation than the norm

5. The luxurious living room

6. Washroom in the guestroom

7. View of the living room from the bedroom

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This newly-renovated Key West resort is taking the Key West experience to a new level. As you walk into the guestrooms, you immediately sense the cooling effect of the white-tiled floors. The use of the light-coloured bamboo along with other natural finishes provides the backdrop for the colourful accent fabrics and artwork found in the rooms.

The bathrooms have a spa-like quality with light finishes and unique plumbing fittings. Since the bath opens directly to the room, it acts as an extension of the room with its aqua glass mosaic accent wall and open layout. During the day natural light fills the bath and at night the accent lighted glass mosaic wall adds a dramatic feature to the room.


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1. The best place for a summer vacation

2. The brilliant guestroom

3. Bathroom in the guestroom


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Contemporary and classic in design, this newly – built hotel is located in the trendy DQsseldorf MedienHafen and is home to 303 rooms and suites with contemporary yet comfortable design.

Guestrooms with different styles are available, providing a full range of facilities and services. The comfortable sofas would erase guests’ fatigue immediately. The post-modernism paintings on the wall offer a glimpse of the contemporary metropolitan trends. The pendant lamps, the lamps on the bedside, the floor lamps and the wall lamps in the bathrooms are carefully selected, providing guests with the most convenient environment, and more importantly, completing a cosy and intimate atmosphere through lighting.

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1. The painting on the wall brings a contemporary artistic air

2. Detail of the washroom

3. Lighting design in the bathroom

4. A glimpse of the guestroom

5. The daily commodities prepared for guests also act as decoration for the space

I-point Hotel has been designed for business people, very dynamic, and always on the move, that normally will spend a very short time, normally a couple of nights per stay. Hence the choice of orange and red colour as symbol of energy, is combined with wood finishing, to deliver a different and new, but warm and delightful atmosphere.

Studio SABL re-conceived the original business centre style, delivering a hotel to be experienced down to every single detail: cylindrical-shaped showers, enlightened balcony furnishings, brightly-decorated walls in a balanced contrast with clean relaxation and emotions mixed together. A totally new design concept characterises all and each room, outlining washroom and wardrobe space through transparent walls with an open space effect. This innovative solution allows natural daylight to reach every space within the room, down to the washroom.

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1. Double room

2. The terrace outside the guestroom

3. Double room

4. Spectacular view from the guestroom

5. Bathroom in the guestroom

The Klaus Kurki Hotel, a landmark for many years, has been transformed into the Klaus K. Inspired by the emotional contrasts of Finland’s national epic, its nature and drama, the hotel bears the stamp of Finland’s finest architectural and literary traditions.

Each of the 137 guestrooms is given a theme illustrating the Kalevala’s primary emotional elements: Desire, passion, mystery and envy. The Klaus K aspires to go further and "take the hotel out of the hotel": Creating an ultra­designed lifestyle experience where contrasts abound, such as the Renaissance-inspired space of the Rake Sali ballroom and the playfully – designed theme rooms and suites – the hotel delivers a luxurious experience of tradition and cutting-edge Nordic modernity.

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1. The double room

2. The pattern of the TV wall is eye-catching

3. The TV set is smartly hid in the wall

4. The full-length dressing mirror

5. Local features and traditional styles are integrated into the guestroom design

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