Kruisheren Hotel

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Located in the picturesque Kommelplein Square in central Maastricht, the Kruisheren Hotel is a remarkable conversion of a Gothic church and monastery, a tour de force synthesising the original 15th-century architecture and dressed – down modernism.

The 60 guestrooms are designed with different styles. However, in such a historic building, nostalgia would be an eternal theme. Large black-and-white pictures spread on the walls, demonstrating the cultural history of the building and the city to guests. A bright-colour palette is combined, integrating a metropolitan air with the historic building. The orange chairs and the brick-red wall represent the encounter of tradition and fashion.

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1. Historical traces can be seen from the window

2. A space where tradition meets modernity

3. The giant black and white picture spreads on the whole wall

4. Washroom in the guestroom

5. The guestroom with abundant natural light

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