Benefits of urban green spaces

Urban green spaces have many functions and benefits. These functions and benefits are

important for to improve life quality in the urban areas. Green spaces provide linkage

between people (who lives in the urban) and nature. So, these areas are very important for

the urban people.

Urban green spaces are important as functions and meanings for (Alm, 2007):

– Urban climate, noise moderation, air cleaning and handle of surface water

– As an indicator of environmental changes

– As a part of the circulation of nutritive substances

– Cultivation of energy plants

– Biodiversity; to save valuable urban species, as refuges for species from rural biotopes and as spreading corridors.

– Social and cultural values; for health, recovering and rehabilitation, to give beauty and comfort, to give room for passivity and activity, as a cultural heritage, as an arena for citizenship, for education.

– Gardening and allotments; as history of urban landscapes, as a social function, for life quality and beauty, providing a reserve.

– Urban design; to give the city an understandable structure, to connect different scales and parts of the urban landscape.

The benefits of urban green areas were described as detailed below under the main headings.

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