Towel Warmers

Stepping out of the shower or bath and into a nice warm towel can be very inviting. Most towel warmers come in the form of a wall – or floor-mounted rack, and they are designed to heat and dry bath towels as they drape over the rods (see Figure 7.6). Some of these warmers, however, can also be used as the heater for the bathroom, serving two functions. Towel warmers come in both hydronic and electric models. The electric style can be either hard wired or plugged into a wall receptacle. To minimize the number of dangling cords, hard wiring is preferred. Hydronic styles can be used if there is already a hydronic system for other heating.

FIGURE 7.6 Electric or hydronic towel warmers can not only warm towels but heat the room as well.

Design by NKBA member: Stephanie Tozzo

Towel Warmers


Another type of towel warmer is the warming drawer. It is designed more for heating dry towels; a towel bar is still needed for drying wet towels. A warming drawer requires additional wiring in the back of the cabinet. If the drawer is to be integrated, specify the cabinet and doors to fit with the warming drawer unit.

Updated: October 5, 2015 — 12:25 am