Economic and aesthetic benefits

Energy Savings

Using vegetation to reduce the energy costs of cooling buildings has been increasingly recognized as a cost effective reason for increasing green space and tree planting in temperate climate cities. Plants improve air circulation, provide shade and they transpire. This provides a cooling effect and contributes to lower air temperatures. A park of 1. 2 km by 1. 0 km can produce an air temperature between the park and the surrounding city that is detectable up to 4 km away. A study in Chicago has shown that increasing tree cover in the city by 10% may reduce the total energy for heating and cooling by 5 to 10% (Haq, 2011)

Property Value

Areas of the city with enough greenery are aesthetically pleasing and attractive to both residents and investors. The beautification of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was one of the factors that attracted important foreign investments that assisted rapid economic growth. Still, indicators are very strong that green spaces and landscaping increase property values and financial re-turns for land developers, of between 5% and 15% depending on the type of Project (Haq, 2011).


Fig. 7. Green areas provides aesthetically well placesAnkara, Turkey (http://www. anfaaltinpark. com. tr/).



Fig. 9. Green areas near the housing area, Ankara, Turkey (http://www. anfaaltinpark. com. tr/).


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