Transplantation of trees in campus of Bartin University (case study)

Transplantation processes of large trees in Campus of Bartin University were analyzed in this study. The aim of this study was to ensure a modern appearance and qualification to Campus of Bartin University in terms of plantal arrangement. A commission was formed by Deanship of Faculty of Forestry. Necessary literature review and field analysis studies were done by the commission and some alternative projects were prepared. At the end of the meeting with deanship, the most proper project in terms of practicability and cost was chosen. The chosen project was detailed and prepared for application. Mechanic tree mover was rented from Karabuk Municipality. The project was applied on May 2004 and transplantation of 10 plants that were of 6 species was completed.

Material: Faculty of Forestry has been put into service on 1993-94 academic years. Campus was built at Gaffar district, Agdaci Village, Bartin approximately 5.5 km distanced from city center on 1.14 hectare land. 900 m village road on Bartin-Kozcagiz highway was used for going to the campus.

Pinus pinea L. plantation in Bogaz district situated in Bartin Central Forestry Operation Directorate was the area on which working area existed; transplantation process, removal and plantation of trees were carried out on this area. Application area, plantation, was an inclined land on the right side of campus entrance, situated at the north of library building in Faculty of Forestry. The area was approximately 450 m2.

Campus’s map section in 1/500 scaled base map was used in order to draw the project and determine the definite boundaries of application area; digital camera was used in order to view the sections of transplantation process in the area.

Method: The method used in this study can be summarized as:

• Determination of the area on which transplantation will be done in the campus,

• Determination of area’s map section on 1/500 scaled base map,

• Transferring present plan from paper map sheet to computer,

• Determination of plants which will be transplanted,

• Preparing projects of the area on which transplantation will be done,

• Renting mechanic tree mover and preparation of necessary equipment,

• Making land survey. Within this scope:

• Digging of the pit in which plants will be placed,

• Completing removal and transfer processes of plants,

• Planting plants,

• Maintenance of plants that were transplanted.

A study group was formed by Deanship of Faculty of Forestry in order to carry out transplantations. At the end of the meetings held in the group and with Deanship authorities, processes and necessities were determined. Application process started after determining the priority of these necessities and processes.

4.1 Transplantation process in campus of Bartin University

It was determined that the plants that had been planted during ten years history of Faculty of Forestry would be transplanted as they couldn’t create a beautiful effect; especially big sized plants should be transplanted in order to increase the scenery quality of the faculty. In this context, meetings were done with Karabuk Municipality and tree mover was rented for two days in order to use it in transplantation process.

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