Transplantation with mechanic methods

There are some models developed for digging, removing and transferring of plants. In a model called "Tree Nursery", carriage of plant can be done with an articulated lorry or truck. Plants are wrapped and hydro alkali booster four scoops are stuck on the ground; after shaping the root ball, the bottom of the plant is lifted with the scoops and moved out of the soil. If the weather is proper and the distance is not very long, the plant can be carried vertically or can be bended toward the front and carrying can be done. Pits in which plants will be put should be dug beforehand. Planting should be done by taking the slope and the shape of the ground into consideration (Harris, 1983).

The second method used in plant transplantation is called "Skin with Cohesive". This skin is made of a scoop and there are sharp parts on the tips. This sharp part is installed before starting to dig the plant and locked. Transplantations that are done with this method is applicable for big sized plants. Tree nursery technique is preferred for smaller sized plants (Harris, 1983).

The third method is making a hole by digging the plant roots with one scoop and removing the root balls. Scoops are clamped together and the root ball is lifted with crane. Each of the scoops are for digging soil. There are two kinds of curved scoops; 80 cm. and 200 cm. the weight of device is totally 115 kg. Compressor that works with tractor or mobile gas produces hydraulic power. Scoops are numbered according to their usage methods (Turhan, 1994).

Functions of tree lifting are (Harris, 1983):

– Digging planting pits.

– Removing the plant with its roots neatly and in a way that fits the planting pit.

– Carrying the removed plant to the planting place without harming and planting it properly.

Tree removing and planting machine is made of 2 strong lifter arms connected to truck frame, digging knife unit, hydraulic system etc. hydraulic pump is provided by the vehicle to which the machine will be connected. Rotary digging knife unit is connected to lifting arms and can be controlled while working, transferring in vertical position and horizontally. Digging knife unit is made of at least four knives which are arranged around the knife frame. The number of knives can vary according to the aspects of vehicle. The unit is openable and closable; knives can be pushed downwards and can be pulled back upwards (Harris, 1983).

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