Urban Green Space System Planning

Bayram Cemil Bilgili and Ercan Gokyer 1Qankm Karatekin University, Qankm 2Bartin University, Bartin Turkey

1. Introduction

Today’s changing world, values and standards of human were changed with urbanization. In this change people was differentiated existing uses and created new areas. These changes are different from country to country to the extent of economic, cultural and geographical reasons. In addition, these areas were determined to same principles basis for human uses.

Life style was changed with urbanization. In this process rural areas were transformed to urban areas. These areas are dominated by mass of concrete. In these areas there are small green areas at a micro level. In the process of rapid urbanization was created an unnatural environment. In the developed countries, urban areas were effected physical and mental development of people. This effect was adversely. With this change in urban areas, people entered into a yearning for natural areas. At beginning, green areas have been established to resolve natural longing of people. Urban green spaces have become the indispensable elements of ecological, aesthetic and recreational value. Establish of urban green space systems has become a necessity in today.

Urban green areas were not established for recreational needs. At the same time urban green spaces are ecological based requirement (Bilgili, 2009). Urban green space and green space systems were reviewed in this section.

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