Gourmet Microgreens

Make your own mini windowsill propagators with plastic cups and their domed lids, perfect for growing a collection of tasty, nutritious microgreens in the smallest of spaces.

TIME IT RIGHT Seeds are best sown from early spring to early fall, when they will germinate quickly and you should be snipping leaves for salad in 1-2 weeks. Germination in winter willl be slower and more erratic.


beet ‘Bull’s Blood’ mustard green ‘Osaka Purple’

Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’ lots of strong-tasting plants are suitable for growing as microgreens, others to try include: radishes; herbs such as basil, coriander, and fennel; other Chinese greens like mizuna; and even less exotic vegetables like broccoli and kale


Wash your drink cups and lids thoroughly, leave to dry, then assemble the ingredients to make your mini propagators.


-^—Project Steps



Подпись: 2 Drainage is vital to prevent the seedlings from setting in too much water and rotting. Carefully pierce the base of each container a few times to create drainage holes.image70Подпись: 4 Fill the cups with seed potting mix, leaving a gap of 1M-1%in (3-4cm) below the rim for watering.image71 Decorate each cup by tying bands of garden twine around the top and bottom, and add a package label on the top band. Glue the string in place at several points and leave for a couple of hours while the glue dries.


Gently tap the whole cup on a hard surface to remove any air pockets that may prevent water from being distributed evenly through the soil. This also lets the potting mix settle and creates a nice, even growing surface for your seeds.

image72"Подпись: 6 Put some seeds in the cradle of your palm and lightly sprinkle them over the surface of the soil mix. You are aiming to create an even spread, so the seeds are sown closely, but are not clumped together.


7 Sprinkle a thin layer of potting mix over the seeds—just enough to cover them—then water your pot, put the domed lid on top, and write the plant’s name on the label. Place a container under the pot to prevent water from damaging surfaces and position on a sunny windowsill or outside in warmer weather.

Gourmet Microgreens

image74Care Advice

Where to site and watering

sunny windowsill in a warm room to aid germination.

In warmer weather, you can leave the pots outside, but if frost is forecast, bring them inside. Do not overwater, especially in the early stages because this will prevent seed germination. Water pots regularly once shoots are growing, and frequently in warmer weather.

Harvesting You need to harvest quickly and regularly. The optimal harvest time ranges from 7-14 days after sowing, depending on the variety.

Подпись: Take the lid off your pot once shoots are beginning to grow so plants have more air circulation and space to grow.Crop by snipping the small leaves with scissors just before you are ready to serve. If you need to harvest shoots earlier, place in a plastic bag with a little water and put in the refrigerator to keep fresh.


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