Assemblages, Subassemblages and Elements of Furniture

The construction of a furniture piece is a type of system and binding of its elements in a way that is correct in terms of the principles of physics and economy. It comprises:

• elements,

• subassemblages and

• assemblages.

A single assemblage part in the structure of a furniture piece is called an element. It can be made of one or several different materials permanently connected with each other.

A subassemblage is created by an assembled set of elements, constituting a separate whole at the stage of assembling the furniture piece. In upholstered parts, connected upholstery layers form a subassemblage.

An assemblage is a set of subassemblages or subassemblages and elements, constituting a separate structural unit, which most commonly fulfils a specific function in the furniture piece.

Updated: September 30, 2015 — 6:45 pm