Random Methods of Optimisation

Rapid progress in the field of data processing and electronic calculation means creating not only new numerical methods of designing constructions, but also methods for assessing the strength of the products already made and subject to validation. In order to develop reasonable methods of constructing furniture, ful­filling the function of purpose to minimise the consumption of wood raw material and maximise the strength of the joints, one can use the optimisation theory for selection of the minimum permissible cross section of the components and struc­tural joints.

In engineering calculations, it is recommended to use statistical methods being the component of numerical methods of static optimisation (Dziuba 1990; Golinski 1974; Ostwald 1987; Smardzewski 1989, 1992). The methods of systematic sear­ches, random walk and Monte Carlo are worth discussing. They consist in sys­tematic or random search of the permissible area and the evaluation of the optimal value on the basis of the results.

Updated: October 7, 2015 — 4:04 am