Technical Documentation of Upholstered Furniture

The subject of the drawing documentation is the 2-seater sofa Europe (Figs. 5.24, 5.25, 5.26, 5.27 and 5.28):

• The project was drawn up at the Department of Furniture of the University of Life Sciences in Poznan;

• The set includes a pouffe, single armchair and 3-seater sofa;

Fig. 5.24 Offer drawing of the sofa

Fig. 5.26 Executive drawing of left side

• The width of the sofa is 1740 mm, the seat width 1390 mm, the seat depth 560 mm, the sofa depth 920 mm and the backrest height 1060 mm. After unfolding the bed has the dimensions 2050 x 1390 mm. The bedding container has the dimensions 600 x 500 x 300 mm;

• The furniture piece is intended for use by persons representing the 50th centile in housing and hotel rooms. The furniture piece is designed mainly for sitting and relaxing, and it also has the additional feature of lying down and storing bedding. However, the sofa should not be used as the primary piece of furniture for sleeping; and

• The furniture piece is made from grain leather and coordinates made from split. The seat consists of a Bonnell spring unit and highly elastic system of poly­urethane foams. The frame of the construction is made of chipboard and beech skirts.

Fig. 5.27 Executive drawing of backrest

Fig. 5.28 Executive drawing of front of the drawer front

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