Terms of use and maintenance of the furniture

• Complying with the requirements given in this instruction will allow the long-term and fail-safe use of the furniture;

• When moving the furniture, all upholstered elements must be secured, so that they are not subject to mechanical damage;

• When unpacking the furniture, do not use sharp tools, as there is a danger of mechanical damage of the upholstery material;

• When moving the furniture, always hold them underneath at stiff elements of the bearing structure;

• It is not allowed to drag or lift furniture holding it at the lining or cushions;

• Furniture should be used in accordance with their intended purpose;

• Furniture should be used in dry, enclosed spaces, protected from adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight;

• Upholstered furniture must be placed within more than 1 m from effective heat sources;

• It is not allowed to sit on backrests and armrests of upholstered furniture. Large loads in places not intended for them can expose the furniture to damage to the cover, breaking the bearing structure or deformation of the soft elements;

• It is not allowed to expose upholstered surfaces to strong, point tensions, for example standing on the seat; and

• It is recommended to use the upholstered furniture in rooms with a temperature between 15 and 30 °C and air humidity between 40 and 70 %.

Updated: October 12, 2015 — 5:36 am