Warranty conditions

• The condition for the extension of the warranty period is purchasing a service package,

• In order for the warranty to gain validity, it is necessary for the seller to fill in the data relating to the transaction and product,

• The warranty is valid, provided that the buyer observes the instructions attached to the furniture, concerning use, regular cleaning and maintenance,

• The warranty covers only residential furniture used in home conditions,

• The warranty is valid on the territory of Poland,

• The warranty does not cover changes of softness of cushions and shrinking of the cover material, being the result of normal use of the furniture,

• Characteristic features of furniture made entirely from natural leather or in combination with other materials, such as faux leather and upholstery fabrics, are the differences in the texture of hides of leather, traces of scars, natural marks, stretch marks or skin smell; they are not furniture defects and are not subject to complaint.

The loss of warranty services occurs in the case of the following:

• Wrong use of the furniture, not in accordance with the instructions for use;

• Exposing the furniture to very intense sunlight;

• Spilling water or other liquid on furniture (chemically active solutions can be especially dangerous for furniture, e. g. acids, dyes and body care lotions);

• Performing repairs or corrections by the buyer on his own; and

• Mechanical damage to the furniture.

• Complaint procedure:

• The buyer declares the complaint in the commercial unit, in which he purchased the piece of furniture, and in the case of its liquidation—to the guarantor;

• The buyer provides documentation concerning the purchase of the furniture (invoice, bill or receipt) and the warranty card;

• The buyer participates in the completion of the complaint by the seller;

• The complaint containing the warranty card number is transmitted via fax to the guarantor from the commercial unit;

• After accepting the complaint, the guarantor shall establish with the buyer the date of inspection of the furniture at the place indicated by the buyer;

• The guarantor through his representative—service specialist—will inspect the furniture and make a decision about the complaint;

• If the complaint is justified, then the guarantor will remove its defects or deliver furniture free from defects within 14 days from the date of inspection of the furniture, whereas

– the guarantor chooses the warranty service (removal of defects or replace­ment) and

– replacement of the furniture is possible in the case of two prior repairs of the same element of the furniture system;

• When carrying out repair of the furniture, the guarantor shall reserve the right to replace the materials used in the manufacture of the furniture with others, of comparable quality and use value;

• In the case of introducing construction changes, it is possible to make the repair in accordance with new technology; and

• If the complaint is found to be unjustified, then the guarantor will present his position in writing and forward it to the buyer and the seller along with the reasons for his decision within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Updated: October 11, 2015 — 11:36 pm