Organisation: zonation

The water formations of the PLAIN provide the design framework. They structure and divide the area. Within this framework, the catwalk, steel – paths and lens viewpoints present fixed points.


Fig. 8. Plan of the study site

The focus of the vegetation management is directed at primary stages of succession—from mosses to annuals to perennials—in order to preserve

the impression of the PLAIN’s vast expanse. The vegetation management creates a pattern of different vegetation types and divides the site accord­ing to the framework of the existing water areas.

The mine spoil areas which do not have any water formations are with­out vegetative cover. Next to the areas without vegetation, the natural vegetative development is artificially slowed.

The outlying area of the water formations is left to the natural succes­sion of pioneer vegetation. In the mine spoil areas within the water forma­tions, the vegetation development is accelerated through restoration treat­ments such as sowing and the application of an appropriate substrate. The different forms of vegetation are marked by several bulk heaps intended to provide additional structure to the area.

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