Stainton Quarry local nature reserve

Stainton Quarry is located within an attractive and prosperous village envi­ronment on the southern outskirts of the town of Middlesbrough. The Quarry has naturally regenerated to mature woodland but includes other habitats including species rich grassland. The area is used extensively by local people for recreation, of which exercising dogs is the most popular. At times the site has suffered from vandalism and this has raised concerns about the use of the site from local residents. Local residents help manage the site.


Fig. 2. Panoramic view of Stainton Quarry local nature reserve, showing that local housing overlooks this green area

Objectives. To secure the biodiversity content of the site and to raise awareness of the wildlife the site contains amongst local residents. Achieve local nature reserve status for Stainton Quarry. Improvements to be made to recreational infrastructure following consultation with resi­dents, such as paths, which will provide for easy access for all ages and mobility. Overcome vandalism problems.

Key stakeholders. Middlesbrough Council, The Tees Forest, Friends of Stainton Quarry, English Nature.

Resources. Staff input from The Tees Forest and Middlesbrough Council. Funding from these organisations and English Nature. Volunteer input from the friends of Stainton Quarry.

Actions undertaken. Management Plan produced outlining how the site will be managed with local residents input; community involvement activi­ties in woodland management; daily community wardening with aim to re­duce vandalism; encouragement of wildlife through for example the siting of nest and roosting boxes.

Number of people involved. 50.

Outcomes. Good community participation but local issues over the amount of access to be allowed; vandalism has been reduced; stronger level of ‘ownership’ by local community than hitherto; involvement of lo­cal municipality; Local nature reserve designation achieved and funding attracted from English Nature.

Evaluation. A successful project which has built a strong commitment from local residents to manage wildlife within their near environment, support from local decision makers has been achieved and significant number of local people have been involved either through consultation or by direct volunteering activities.

Updated: October 9, 2015 — 8:22 pm