Backyard Comments for the Macintosh Residence

• We have a great view to the association’s common green space to the south­west. We feel fortunate to be able to have such a nice open view to numerous trees and a large expanse of lawn.

• Cooking and eating outside has always been part of our lifestyle. We would like a permanent gas grill, along with some built-in counter space.

• We entertain 10 to 12 people approximately twice a month for business. In addition, we enjoy having friends and neighbors over to eat, relax, and enjoy party games. With the small hill behind the house, we would love to see a multilevel deck, with some built-in benches. We would like to have space to place a few tables and chairs for feeding our guests, as well as a few lounge chairs and places for some potted plants. We love urns of all sizes and shapes.

• Because we love to cook, we spend quite a bit of time in our large kitchen, so we would love to have a great view to a nice courtyard garden. Maybe we could use this as a private space, because it is also adjacent to the bedroom, or we could use this as a formal place to sit and eat. (A table as large as the one in our breakfast area would be sufficient.)

• Lawn area is critical, as the triplets are currently soccer and softball players. They would like a solid wall somewhere to practice kicking goals, without losing the ball to the neighbors’ yard.

• We all would love to have an enclosed gazebo (approximately 12-foot diame­ter) located in a prominent place for views and “mosquito-free entertaining.”

• We grow herbs and would love to have a small formal garden, although we don’t want the entire design to look too formal. We are mostly casual people.

• We really don’t want a fountain anywhere. We had one at our other home and it was more trouble than we wanted.

• We are not pleased with the view directly out the bedroom window to the south, as it looks onto the rear neighbors’ patio space, which is located about 50 feet south of our property line, and directly in line with the bedroom win­dow. So, something needs to be done there.

• We like the idea of steps from the upper-level paved area to the lower lawn area near the bedroom.

• Please save the trees; they provide some shade, which we desperately need on this side of the house. An overhead arbor might be nice.

• The neighbors to the east of us have a patio that is very close to the property line. Now that we are building a house, we need to make sure that we have some quality privacy.

Updated: October 16, 2015 — 11:26 am