Outdoor Rooms on the Residential Site

As stated earlier, a residential site can be thought of as a series of outdoor rooms or spaces. These spaces have numerous functions, some of which are similar to those found inside the house. On many residential sites, the most significant outdoor spaces include an outdoor arrival and entry space, entertaining or living space, eating or din­ing space, recreation space, work/storage space, and garden space. The intent of this section is to examine each of these spaces to more clearly understand their functions and to present design guidelines for their development. This is accomplished by first studying the indoor counterpart of each outdoor space in order to gain insights into how outdoor spaces might be designed.

Indoor Entry Foyer

The entry foyer is the space usually located immediately inside the front door. Its pur­pose is to serve as a transition space between the outdoor environment and the indoor environment. The foyer is a transition space in the sense that it acclimates a person after entering or before leaving the inside of the house. It is a place where people stand temporarily to welcome visitors or say goodbyes.

Updated: September 30, 2015 — 11:51 pm