Property-Line Buffer

Existing (Figure 14-32, left) This view from the back part of the driveway looking to­ward the front of the house shows nothing more than ground cover and a 3-foot chain – link fence. Views into the neighbors’ yard are wide open along the entire driveway. Just as important are the weak views from inside the windows on this side of the house. Blinds and drapes are usually closed, for there isn’t anything to block views into the neighbor’s side yard and backyard.

Proposed (Figure 14-32, right) To provide a more pleasant edge to the driveway, it is im­portant to solve different problems. Removing the chain-link fence and constructing a taller wall or fence will certainly help with keeping views within the space. Mixing pat­terns and heights of ground covers and plantings will add textural interest and rhythm along the fence. Also, placing a group of upright ornamental trees directly across from im­portant windows of the house will open views into these newly defined areas.

Entry to Backyard

Existing (Figure 14-33, left) On entering the garden space, existing views focus on the adjacent houses and garages, the 3-foot garden fence, the 6-foot property-line fence be­yond, and a mass of existing vegetation to the right. With the construction of the garage

addition, the garage will extend further into the garden space, making it smaller as well as restricting some of the existing views into and through the garden and yard.

Proposed (Figure 14-33, right) The garage addition will take up more of this exist­ing view and focus attention into a narrower area. Views to the houses will be elimi­nated from this view, but will be more evident as one travels through the garden. Changing the fence to a solid one will decrease the views into the neighbors’ yard. A line of ornamental trees is suggested near the property line to provide a better view as one enters the backyard. This will also allow views above the ornamental trees into some of the existing vegetation beyond.

Updated: October 17, 2015 — 7:59 pm