Side Driveway Entrance

Existing (Figure 14-30, left) This type of space can be a very difficult one to design. The wall and window patterns of the house and the addition create odd areas of open wall space. The window well and minimal planting strip make for a difficult place to provide attractive planting arrangements and still provide light to the basement. The side entry is small and confined by the raised stone strips. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be anything that accents or highlights this entry.

Proposed (Figure 14-30, right) In tight spaces like this, it is important to explore the walls as places for design change. Using a larger stone area at the side door along with an ornamental urn and vertical planting will accent this entry. Using

lower plants in front of the window well will allow light for the basement, yet an orna­mental shrub can be positioned to hide a view to the well. Providing a window box be­neath the window and incorporating an espaliered plant in the archway will make the wall a stronger design element.


Existing (Figure 14-31, left) This view will change, for the owners plan to have an ad­dition put on the garage to house another car. This will extend the garage further back into this space and reduce the amount of room for the vegetable and herb gardens behind the garage. The garden will still be fenced, and access will still be provided through these gardens into the backyard.

Proposed (Figure 14-31, right) This sketch illustrates just how much room will be needed to add another car space. The existing door to the garage will also be relocated to the back edge of the garage. This sketch also illustrates how much room will be left for the formal vegetable garden. There was uncertainty at this time as to the type, height, or loca­tion of a gate into and through the garden to the backyard.

Updated: October 17, 2015 — 5:12 pm