View into Backyard

Existing (Figure 14-34, left) On entering the backyard, it is obvious that the neighbor’s two-story house is the most dominant visual element. Both its massive­ness and its architectural character are like visual magnets. The second-story screened porch is positioned to have a direct view into the Meleca property. Other than the three large trees on site, there is little to attract the interest of the visitor. Design at­tention should focus on masking the view to the neighbor’s house and establishing other areas of interest.

Proposed (Figure 14-34, right) Several things can be done to mediate the existing problems. By positioning a large tree with a substantial crown of foliage in a strategic location, the view to the neighbor’s house can be greatly diminished. An ornamental tree can be added in the center of this view to screen additional views of the house. A grouping of ornamental trees deeper in the side yard can attract the visitor’s view into the yard. A small hedge can be incorporated to establish a separation between the en­tertaining area and the backyard.

Updated: October 17, 2015 — 8:59 pm