Accent Lighting

In conjunction with general lighting, accent lighting can enhance many features in a bathroom. Highlight the visual texture of surfaces with wall washing lights. Focus lights onto art objects or interesting architectural features. Illuminate the floor as a night light with small linear lighting at the vanity toe kick. Accent lights for shelves, soffit areas, and glassed cabinets will add aesthetic appeal and interest. Small table lamps can add a soft touch to a corner of the vanity or other part of the bathroom, but be sure to keep them well away from a water source.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides light at an area to help users see what they are doing. Task lighting should

be provided for each functional area of the bathroom, such as grooming, showering, dressing, and

bathing. Some points to remember:

• Most of the task lighting in the bathroom is needed for grooming. Place the lighting where your client typically performs grooming activities, which might be either standing or seated. Each bathroom user may perform grooming activities in a variety of locations, so include the proper task lighting for each.

• Plan for additional lighting at mirrors used for shaving and applying make-up (see Figure 7.14). Wall-mounted magnifying mirrors are often lighted, so a hard wire connection should be in­cluded to eliminate the cord.

• If you are incorporating a reading area into the bathroom, plan to add a quality reading light or a receptacle for a lamp in this area.

• Place focused lighting over the toilet to provide good lighting for readers.

• Dressing areas may include mirrors for dressing and some grooming. Good lighting at these mirrors will help the users be better able to perform such tasks as tying a tie, arranging jewelry, checking clothing for soiled spots or wrinkles, and combing hair.

• Placement of the mirrors and related lighting should consider people of various heights. A full – length mirror is appropriate for children and adults, standing and seated. Plan lighting that will illuminate the person in front of the long mirror.

• Include lights in closets and deep cabinets.

• If a pressing area is included in the dressing area, a light directly over the ironing table will aid the process.

• Lighting in the shower should be bright enough so that the person showering can see what they are doing.

• To avoid glare for those using a tub, aim the lighting to the outside edge of the tub.

Updated: October 6, 2015 — 7:00 pm