Bathroom PLANNiNG GUiDELiNE 4 Clear Space


• Plan a clear floor space of at least 30 inches (762 mm) from the front edge of all fixtures (e. g., lavatory, toilet, bidet, tub, and shower) to any opposite bath fixture, wall, or obstacle.

Code Requirement [4]

• A minimum space of at least 24 inches (610 mm) must be planned in front of a shower entry. • (IRC R307.1)

Access Standard


• Plan a minimum clear floor space of 30 inches by 48 inches (762 mm by 1219 mm) centered at each fixture, plus space for maneuvering including approach and turning for a person using a wheelchair.

• Plan a knee space at the lavatory or workspace to allow for a front approach for a seated user. Recommended minimum size of a knee space is 36 inches wide by 27 inches high by 8 inches deep (914 mm by 686 mm by 203 mm), increasing to 17 inches (432 mm) deep in the toe space, which extends 9 inches (229 mm) from the floor. Insulation for exposed pipes should be provided.

• Consider the user’s method of transfer to the toilet to plan a clear space to fit the user’s needs.

ICC A117.1-2009 Reference

• A clear floor space of at least 30 inches by 48 inches (762 mm by 1219 mm) must be provided at each fixture. Clear spaces can overlap.

• (305.3)

• Include a wheelchair turning space with a diameter of at least 60 inches (1524 mm), which can include knee[5] and toe[6] clearances.

• (304.3.0)

• A wheelchair turning space could utilize a T-shaped space, which is a 60-inch (1 524 mm) square with two 12-inch wide by 24-inch deep (305 mm by 610 mm) areas removed from two corners of the square. This leaves a minimum 36-inch (914 mm) wide base and two 36-inch (914 mm) wide arms. T-shaped wheelchair turning spaces can include knee and toe clearances on one arm.

• (304.3.2)

• (306.3)

• (306.2.3)


• The clear 30-inch by 48-inch (762 mm by 1219 mm) floor space should be centered on the lavatory.

• (606.2, 1004.11.3)

Bathing and Showering

• Clearance in front of bathtubs should extend the length of the bathtub and be at least 30 inches (762 mm) wide.

• (607.2)

• When a permanent seat is provided at the head of the bathtub, the clearance should extend a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) beyond the wall at the head end of the bathtub.

• (607.2)





• The clearance in front of the transfer-type showeF compartment should be at least 48 inches (1219 mm) long measured from the control wall and 36 inches (914 mm) wide.

• (608.2)

• The clearance in front of a roll-in-type showern compartment should be at least 60 inches (1 524 mm) long next to the open face of the shower compartment and 30 inches (762 mm) wide.

ftA roll-in shower is a waterproof area large enough for a person in a wheelchair to remain in the chair to shower. A preferred minimum size for a roll-in shower is 36 inches to 42 inches by 60 inches (914 mm to 1067 mm by 1524 mm).

• (608.2.2)

tA transfer shower (36 inches by 36 inches) (914 mm by 914 mm) provides support to a standing person or one who can stand to transfer.






• When both a parallel and a forward approach to the toilet are provided, the clearance should be at least 56 inches (1422 mm) measured perpendicular from the rear wall, and 60 inches (1524 mm) measured perpendicular from the side wall. No other fixture or obstruction should be within the clearance area.

• (604.3, 1002.11.2.4)

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