Many people want a place to iron clothes and household linens. The laundry area is a logical place to put an ironing area. An ironing area might also be put in a closet, as discussed above. Built-in ironing boards (see Figure 9.9) fold down from wall cupboards or pull out from underneath a countertop, yet are out of the way when not in use. Many of these include storage space for the iron as well. Racks are available to hang freestanding ironing boards, or ironing boards can fold up to store in utility closets.

Adequate space needs to be included in the laundry area for using the iron and ironing board (see Figure 9.16). The amount of space may need to be increased if the user requires a mobility aid. Because an iron is very hot, the ironing area should not be in a passage or walkway. Most ironing boards adjust in height to allow a person to sit or stand to work and pull-out or drop-down ver­sions create a full knee space.


60" (1524 mm)

FIGURE 9.16 A typical ironing area would require a space that is 60 inches by 52 inches (1 524 mm by 1231 mm).


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